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a community organization serving Asian and Pacific Islanders in Clarksville and Montgomery County


Asian and Pacific Islanders of Clarksville started in 2021 as a collaboration between local government and the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

who we are

Steering Committee Members


  • Armi Rhodes - Chair

  • Marylou Mattingly - Vice-Chair

  • Linda Douglas - Secretary

  • Sue Moore - Treasurer


  • Sheena Dixon

  • Jop Hall

  • Carolyn Henry

  • Dr Tatsushi Hirono

  • Terry Jalinsky

  • Deon Lucke

  • Ying Ma

  • Akiko Mackens

  • Vanessa Maynard

  • Hung Phan

  • Dr David Rands

  • Tashina Richardson

  • Richard Teasley

  • Tanya Tenorio

  • Jerry Turner

  • Anna Smith

What is API?

Asian and Pacific Islanders

We recognize that there are different terms -- none of them perfect -- that are used to encompass the multitude of Asian and Pacific Islander identities.  While not everyone may identify using this term, when we use API, we refer to people with ties to the geographic regions of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia (the Indian Subcontinent), and the Pacific Islands.

API Middle TN_Logo-1x2-Black-RGB-686px_72ppi.png

API Clarksville is a proud partner of API Middle Tennessee.  API Middle Tennessee is a nonprofit organization working towards racial justice by building API community, lifting API voices, and celebrating API identities.

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